What are the Rates? 

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What are your Boat Hire Terms and Conditions?

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What about Water Skiing?

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Where can I take the boat?

Our vessels are rated for Smooth & Partially Smooth waters.  This covers all of Tin Can Bay & the

Great Sandy Straits however this does not include cross the Wide Bay Bar.  With approval of Tin Can Bay

Boat Hire Management you are welcome to take outside our area of normal operation to places like

Hervey Bay, the Sunshine Coast or Boorumba Dam however it must not be used outside it’s operational

limitations as set out in the Safety Management Plan (SMP).  TCBBH must at all times know the vessels


Can I go outside over the Wide Bay Bar?

No!  Our vessels have not been surveyed for use beyond Partially Smooth waters.

How long will the safety briefing take?

We ask customers to allow approx 1/2 hour on the day of hire for the safety briefing & relevant

paperwork to be completed.  This may take more or less time depending on your level of boating


If I hire the boat for more than one day do I have to bring it back every night?

NO! Unless you don’t have somewhere you can safely store the vessel overnight.

Can I use the vessel at night?

NO! All of our vessels must be off the water before dark even when hiring for more than one day.  Tin

Can Bay & the Great Sandy Straits do not contain enough navigational markers for safe travel at night &

even the most experienced of boaties can run into trouble at night.

When will my security bond be returned?

In most circumstances security bonds are paid by credit card & these funds are held in trust by your bank/

financial institution.  Only in the event of loss or damage etc to the vessel will TCBBH complete the transaction.  

Under normal conditions banks may take around 5-7 business days  before the bank to release the funds

held & become available again.  Weekends & public holidays may cause some further delays.

When the bond is paid by cash these funds will be returned via EFT the following business day after the vessel

has been cleaned & inspected by a TCBBH representative.  Due to privacy laws we CAN NOT contact

your bank/ financial institution on your behalf.  Please note the security bond pre authorisation is held in

trust by your bank/financial institution & should any delay occur with returning these funds to your account

please contact your bank/ financial institution.  


What is a Pre Authorisation?

“Pre-authorisation provides a level of assurance that a customer’s card is valid, has sufficient funds and

is not stolen. It can be used to estimate transaction amounts for room and service rates and other

allowable charges. You can also use pre-authorisation in situations where you do not wish to complete

the transaction instantly”.