Water Skiing Terms and Conditons

Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

Water skiers Terms & Conditions.

Tin Can Bay Boat Hire provides this vessel for hire for recreational use.  In the event this vessel is used for water skiing or similar activities the hirer agrees that Tin Can Bay Boat Hire will not be held legally responsible for any injury & or damage sustained to persons, craft or property whilst under taking these activities.

If used for water skiing the vessel is still subject to the normal terms & conditions of hire set out in the hire agreement. 

The vessel may only be used for water skiing activities in approved & signed areas & must obey any speed limits set in that area.


By signing this agreement the hirer acknowledges & accepts that they understand the risks involved in this activity & agree to indemnify Tin Can Bay Boat Hire & its owners from any liability for damages and/or injury cause whilst operating this vessel for the purpose of waterskiing.

Do you accept these conditions of use?

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Definition of water skiing under this agreement includes the towing of a craft containing 1 or more passengers.  This includes but not limited to water skis, inflatable or rigid ski tubes, knee boards, wake boards or other similar forms of craft.


A signed copy of these terms & conditions is to be provided to the hirer whilst the other is to be retained on file by Tin Can Bay Boat Hire.